Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turtles Can Fly ( 2004 )

I've never seen such lovely kids ever on screen before or even in real life.
The innocence , the pain , the quest in their eyes is reflected so neatly that it amazes me that these are just young little ones !

Usually , a movie that leaves me with no proper end or the one that leaves me to judge, imagine & weave the story ahead is my least favorite.It kinda haunts me with "why ? why ?? why ???"
But this is one of those exceptional movies that I've seen in a long time & that's what makes it one of my most memorable watches.

"It's a gentle, intelligent reminder of how small our world is, how similar we are, how porous our borders and our cultures — wars, bans and restrictions notwithstanding; and its sophisticated world-view is a gentle rebuke to provincial views of the world in American cinema." - I read this somewhere online written by a critic.

A tragic end but full of cute moments all the while.All the children in the movie are beautiful.
If one is armless & clairvoyant , the other is blind & mysterious , if one is raped & strong , the other doesn't have a leg.
But this movie wasn't made to sympathize with the kids nor does it tell that a war-prone zone has such kids.The focus truly is on how these lil ones are so mature to make some big decisions.Decisions that may not be right..and actions that are so heart breaking and sometimes so full of 'awww' - that you begin to love the kids & never want the movie to end.
The focus is on some abnormal incidents in the lives of these normal people.

The movie is set in the pre-war background.Many silly ones may find the movie hopeless for it ends abruptly - at a point where you expect something crucial - but I think that's what makes it more realistic & painful.

Even with sub-titles ..I found myself smiling at those cute conversations.

Watch it!Its not everyday you hear people applauding after a movie ends :)

Hats off to the director!


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